every time I see a male rapist talking about “I didn’t know that was rape, I thought rape was something else” I worry that people’s takeaway is going to be “this is what rape culture does to men, we need to teach men about consent” and not “rapists are filthy fucking liars”

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I can’t wait to meet my future dog

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you can tell a lot about a person by which season of AHS was their favorite

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Take me to Church by Hozier gives me some strong fucking feelings man

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i really love being an environmental major more than anything because it is definitely what i am most passionate about and im glad i switched back into it 

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My brother and his fiancé are trying to adopt a baby boy and I’m so so excited

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I had to call a lot of people today that I didn’t want to call but I did it anyways and that is being a responsible adult

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Who wants to come to my housewarming party?

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Remind me not to spend my loan money on tattoos

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